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The Guidance and Counseling Department serves the needs of individual students in terms of personal growth and development.  Programs are designed to assist the students in attaining maximum personal adjustment to develop a sense of service so that they may contribute to the growth and development of others in the community in which they live and work. 

Programs are preventive, developmental and humanistic in nature.  As such, year level programs are based on developmental, personal, social, educational, and career needs.  MDC Students are helped in the following areas:  adjustment to college life; gaining deeper self-knowledge and understanding; identifying and enhancing personal and social skills; and, going through educational and career planning and implementing career goals.  All programs are coordinated by the Guidance Head and implemented by professional year-level counselors. 



  • Stress Management Seminar
    • Objective:
      •  To enable the members identify their stressors and differentiate the positive from negative stress.
      • To acquaint the students with techniques to be utilized in managing stress.
      • To make the students realize that they possess the ability to withstand stress.
      • To enable the students overcome the hassle of life that hamper academic performance.
  • Seminar on Counseling Technique
    • Objective: To immerse the old and new member on the basics of individual and group counseling in order for them to effectively facilitate future counseling tasks as members of PFG
  • “Coin Bank for a Brighter Christmas”
    • Objective: 
      • To promote the spirit of service in the MDC community through the RSOs, and the Administrative and Academic Directorates by being voluntary conveyors for an adopted community.
      • To organize a gift-giving program for less-fortunate in the coming Christmas celebration from the proceeds of the coin banks.


  • Sensitivity Training
  • Objective:  To discover the innate and distinct qualities of the new PFG members and be able to develop their potentialities and improve on their weaknesses in becoming holistic and matured peer facilitators. 

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